Swim with Humpback Whales in Tonga!

Keen to swim within meters of a 40 ton whale, with just you & a few friends in the wild, blue ocean? The Bucket List Family and Fun Travel TV take the plunge, with cameras in hand, to show you what it’s like! To find more about these guys, visit the bio page of traveling […]

The… Exploding Hammer Festival!

Each year, locals in San Juan de la Vega, Mexico, strap explosives to sledge hammers and… detonate them in a field. Mike Corey, a travel vlogger specialising in amazing, weird travel experiences, dons his earplugs to investigate. To find out more about Mike, visit the bio page of Mike Corey, Youtuber and photographer. Mike Corey […]

Kiss a Giraffe at Breakfast

Fancy breakfast with half a dozen curious, orphan giraffes at a rustic, old colonial lodge in Kenya? Youtuber, Kiersten Rich, popped into the Kenyan manor to show us around. To find out more about Kiersten, visit the bio page of travel vlogger, Kiersten Rich, ‘The Blonde Abroad’. Kiersten has breakfast with giraffes at the Giraffe […]

Step onto the biggest mirror in the world

You step out of your 4wd onto the wet, salt-lake surface and it feels like you’re stepping onto the sky. Vloggers Kara and Nate timed the weather to perfection to record a video about the surreal wonderland that Salvador Dali would have sold his last pair of socks to visit. To find out more about […]

Feel the emotion of a massive Lantern Festival

Imagine thousands of glowing lanterns rising ponderously into the desert sky, in an environmetal lantern festival. Devin Graham (alias DevinSupertramp), know for his extreme sport and fantasy cinematography, shows us the story telling skills that makes him so popular in the travel industry too. For more about Devin visit the bio page of DevinSupertramp, Youtuber […]

See Polar Bears from an Arctic ice-breaker

Giant blue icebergs, pristine polar bears, walruses, whales, and the midnight sun—Ben Brown’s amazing photographic and video skills show us just how beautiful the Arctic is. To find out more about legendary Youtuber “Mr Ben Brown”, visit the bio page of travel vlogger and photographer, Ben Brown. Ben Brown shows us an Arctic Ice-breaker experience… […]

Sleep in an ice suite in an Ice hotel

Imagine: You’re at the ice bar, on your ice stool, rugged up to the nines like an eskimo, thinking… “my ice bed is next!”  Vagabrothers, Alex & Marco Ayling, the famous sibling Youtubers, rug up and show us what it’s like to spend a night in an Ice hotel. To find out more about the Vagabrothers, […]

Be awed by Egyptian Gods at Abu Simbel

When your footsteps echo through the ancient Egyptian temple, Abu Simbel, you can feel the millennium it’s seen. Jordan Taylor shows her Egyptian knowledge as she guides us through this ancient Egyptian wonder. To find out more about Jordan, visit the bio page of Jordan Taylor and her Youtube channel Travellight. Jordan Taylor, of Travellight, […]

Ski the best powder in the world, plus…

Thigh-deep powder, tiny queues, ridiculously polite people, snow monkeys & monsters, and a cultural experience to boot? Jon Olsson straps on his powder skis and shows us why Japan is THE unbeatable snow experience. To find out more about the amazing extreme-ski-legend-turned-travel-vlogging-juggernaut, visit the bio page of Jon Olsson. Japan. The best powder snow in […]

Meet the Big 5 on an Tanzanian Safari

Lions stalk through the grass to your left, Giraffes mingle with zebras in the plain ahead & Elephants graze on nearby trees. Kristen Bor, of Bearfoot Theory, takes us on a Tanzanian safari in search of the ‘Big 5’. To find out more about Kristen, visit the bio page of Kristen Bor and Bearfoot Theory. […]

Hike “the finest walk in the world”, Milford Track

The Milford Track, in New Zealand, has it all. Super-lush forests, hundreds of waterfalls, and a spectacular alpine pass. Mari Johnson packs her raincoat and leads the way. To find out more about Mari, visit the bio page of Youtuber Mari Johnson. Here’s two videos of the hike—the first video is a quick aerial overview […]

Drift a supercar around an Arctic ice-driving track

Golden light from the low Arctic sun, beautiful winter forests in northern Scandinavian, AND the burble of a supercar? James Walker, MrJWW heads north to an amazing ice driving escapade. To find out more about James visit the bio page of MrJWW, automobile and adventure Youtuber. Ice-driving is becoming BIG! Drifting a supercar at an […]

Dance with exploding fire-demons

For 600 years local Catalans have been dancing in the streets with fire-breathing dragons, exploding fire-demons, a mystical eagle, dwarves, and more in La Patum de Berga. This Youtube video from Tanya Becker, taken from the VIP guest balcony in 2016, gives a great view of the historic event. Now Unesco heritage listed, La Patum […]

Witness the Aurora Borealis from your glass igloo

It’s -20 degrees outside, but you’re toasty, in bed, watching the Aurora Borealis swirl across the sky through the roof of your glass igloo. Travel Vlogsters experience first-hand the life of a travel vlogger and bring you their first travel vlog about the Resort!   Kakslauttanen Artic Resort. More than just the northern lights. Kakslauttanen […]

Cross a jungle root bridge

It’s the incredible rainfall of Sohra (Cherrapunji), India, that allows living-root bridges to be formed from the surrounding jungle. Eoghan and Jili bring you into the wet north-eastern Indian region. To find out more about Eoghan and Jili, visit the bio page of travel bloggers, Twobirdsbreakingfree. Twobirdsbreakingfree visit Sohra in India, the wettest region in […]