the bucket list family

The Gee family, ‘The Bucket List Family’

The Gee family, bring a whole new angle to the world of travel vlogging… a family based angle. Garrett (“G”), Jessica (“Settie”), and kids Dorothy (“Dorsey”), Manilla (“Nilla”), and now baby Calihan, (“Cali”) have been traveling the world since 2015, showing how this life can be achieved with an entire family.

Garret and Jessica originally met in a flower shop in Vladivostok, Russia where they were both working as missionaries. Garret is a mobile app designer (who sold his co-owned Scan Inc. company to Snapchat in 2014), and Jessica is an online marketer and web developer, but in 2015 they decided to sell everything they owned  and travel the world on the earnings of their mega garage sale.

Their family travel vlogs are based on 3 things: Adventure, Culture, and Service (they believe in giving back to the world and do things like anonymously donating funds to people in need)

2018 will be the start of new directions for The Bucket List Family. With the addition of baby Cali, they’ll be looking for a new place in the world to raise the kids, while still travelling to new and exotic lands.

Most amazing video on Youtube? It has to be “Swimming with Sperm Whales in Dominica”!


Upload frequency:  weekly


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