Jon Olsson

Jon Olsson is crazy. How one man can stuff so many things into one life is mind-boggling. Not only is he a skiing maestro with nine X Games medals, a dozen film appearances, and his own Jon Olsson Invitational ski event, but he also somehow manages to stuff ‘high-energy travel vlogger’, ‘apparel and travel bag […]

Devin Graham, ‘DevinSupertramp’

Devin Graham (aka Devinsupertramp) produces some of the most amazing adventure, extreme sport, and fantasy gaming cinematography on the internet. Know for his super high-end quality, editing, and professionalism, he’s a Youtube superstar with almost 5 million subscribers and over a billion video views! But there’s more strings to this man’s bow. Apart from the […]

Louis Cole, ‘FunForLouis’

“FunForLouis” travel vlogger Louis Cole is considered by many the godfather of travel vlogging. The original. He started to post daily vlogs on his channel ‘FunForLouis’ on 31 December 2012 and continues to this day with a huge (almost daily) upload volume. With 2 million subscribers and 290 million+ views he is the most famous […]

Mr Ben Brown

Ben Brown is one of the most famous and experienced travel vloggers in the business. In fact, he used to be a world class athlete (British Flat Water Kayak Team for 10 years, junior & senior Marathon World Champion, plus other World Cup wins), but now he’s a YouTuber, film maker & photographer. Ben is […]

Alex and Marko, ‘The Vagabrothers’

Brothers Alex and Marko Ayling are award-winning travel videographers, photographers and writers on a journey of cultural and culinary discovery. They describe themselves as “globally-engaged storytellers on a mission to explore our planet by connecting with other young people and inspiring viewers to do the same”. In 2013 they won the global travel video contest, […]

The Gee family, ‘The Bucket List Family’

The Gee family, bring a whole new angle to the world of travel vlogging… a family based angle. Garrett (“G”), Jessica (“Settie”), and kids Dorothy (“Dorsey”), Manilla (“Nilla”), and now baby Calihan, (“Cali”) have been traveling the world since 2015, showing how this life can be achieved with an entire family. Garret and Jessica originally […]

Jordan Taylor, ‘Travellight’

Jordan Taylor describes herself as “a twenty-something explorer, traveler, photographer, videographer, Youtuber, reader, writer, list maker, stock trader and much more!” She’s been posting for 2 years under the name of Travellight, where she is “exploring the world one city, cup of coffee, and sunrise at a time.” Jordan has traveled extensively in the last […]

Kara and Nate

Kara and Nate are a husband and wife team who started traveling and vlogging in 2016 with the aim of visiting 100 countries by 2019. They are well and truly on track! These guys are masters of travel hacks and even have an extensive course of tricks to fly dirt cheap. Their website course focuses […]

Mike Corey

Mike Corey does a lot of cool, different travel experiences. We don’t know where he comes up with his stuff, but you can bet it’ll be a little unusual. He’s a long term Youtuber, who has been posting for over 7 years. Mike puts out a variety of different type of vlogs, including our favorite, […]

James Walker, ‘MrJWW’

James Walker, ‘MrJWW’ is an automotive lifestyle vlogger and writer with a love of supercars, rather than a travel vlogger, but his love of driving takes him to all sorts of amazing places like the Arabian desert, northern Norway, Dubai, and Monaco. Think videos of driving up the sides of exotic volcanoes, and videos like […]

Kiersten Rich, ‘The Blonde Abroad’

Kiersten Rich, is a California native, who left her corporate finance career to blog and vlog internationally. She’s been vlogging her travels for 5 years. Her venture, ‘The Blonde Abroad‘, is an award-winning brand for solo female travel and a lifestyle brand featuring travel tips, fashion, festivals, and photography from around the world Kiersten has […]

Kristen Bor, Bearfoot Theory

Kristen Bor, started Bearfoot Theory (whose name comes from the Grateful Dead dancing bear tattoo she has on her right foot) in 2014 to try to encourage ‘everyday people’ to overcome the hurdles stopping them from getting out there and living a bit of adventure. Raised in Idaho, she didn’t grow up camping or hiking […]

Mari Johnson

Mari Johnson, grew up in California, but is currently based in New Zealand. She finished a camper van conversion at the start of 2018 and has started some van-life videos showing people around New Zealand. Mari started her Youtube channel in 2014, and has a whole range of different types of videos including… language tutorials, […]

Ben and Di, ‘Fun Travel TV’

Ben and Di, the couple featured in Fun Travel TV, are based out of the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia and specialise in videos of all the kinds of travel experiences you can do in Australia and the South Pacific. You can even book a lot of the experiences through their website after watching them. […]

Eoghan and Jili, ‘Twobirdsbreakingfree’

Eoghan and Jili, the vlogging and blogging couple that comprise ‘Twobirdsbreakingfree’, hail from Ireland and India respectively. They describe themselves as “Two ardent shoestring budget adventure travellers and have been travelling throughout Asia continuously for the past few years”. The couple are quite passionate and philosophical about the importance of being “free to roam, explore […]