Kara and Nate

Kara and Nate are a husband and wife team who started traveling and vlogging in 2016 with the aim of visiting 100 countries by 2019. They are well and truly on track!

These guys are masters of travel hacks and even have an extensive course of tricks to fly dirt cheap. Their website course focuses on an interesting system of using frequent flier points.

They believe in teaching people how to travel and enjoy the kind of lifestyle that they enjoy with a very transparent and honest Income & Expenditure blog that covers everything, including earnings from Youtube, Patreon, affiliate marketing etc. Nate is a bit of a accounting geek and really goes into the nitty gritty, so if you’re interested it that, you can really learn a lot by seeing the real incomes and expenditures of travel vloggers.

Included in their most popular Youtube vlogs are a DIY Dutch food tour, a Trans-Siberian railway vlog, eating bugs in Cambodia, and a luxury boat cruise in Halong Bay, Vietnam.

Upload frequency:  Kara and Nate are currently vlogging 6 days a week.


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