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Bearfoot Theory

Kristen Bor, Bearfoot Theory

Kristen Bor, started Bearfoot Theory (whose name comes from the Grateful Dead dancing bear tattoo she has on her right foot) in 2014 to try to encourage ‘everyday people’ to overcome the hurdles stopping them from getting out there and living a bit of adventure. Raised in Idaho, she didn’t grow up camping or hiking […]

Meet the Big 5 on an Tanzanian Safari

Lions stalk through the grass to your left, Giraffes mingle with zebras in the plain ahead & Elephants graze on nearby trees. Kristen Bor, of Bearfoot Theory, takes us on a Tanzanian safari in search of the ‘Big 5’. To find out more about Kristen, visit the bio page of Kristen Bor and Bearfoot Theory. […]