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Kiersten Rich

Breakfast with giraffes in Kenya

Unique, incredible travel experience no.2! Giraffe with your croissant, sir? Giraffe kiss with your sunset drinks on the lawn of an old colonial Manor in Kenya, ma’am? Meet The Blonde Abroad, Kiersten Rich in our vlog about the Giraffe Manor…

Kiss a Giraffe at Breakfast

Fancy breakfast with half a dozen curious, orphan giraffes at a rustic, old colonial lodge in Kenya? Youtuber, Kiersten Rich, popped into the Kenyan manor to show us around. To find out more about Kiersten, visit the bio page of travel vlogger, Kiersten Rich, ‘The Blonde Abroad’. Kiersten has breakfast with giraffes at the Giraffe […]

Kiersten Rich, ‘The Blonde Abroad’

Kiersten Rich, is a California native, who left her corporate finance career to blog and vlog internationally. She’s been vlogging her travels for 5 years. Her venture, ‘The Blonde Abroad‘, is an award-winning brand for solo female travel and a lifestyle brand featuring travel tips, fashion, festivals, and photography from around the world Kiersten has […]