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Natural Wonder

Step onto the biggest mirror in the world

You step out of your 4wd onto the wet, salt-lake surface and it feels like you’re stepping onto the sky. Vloggers Kara and Nate timed the weather to perfection to record a video about the surreal wonderland that Salvador Dali would have sold his last pair of socks to visit. To find out more about […]

See Polar Bears from an Arctic ice-breaker

Giant blue icebergs, pristine polar bears, walruses, whales, and the midnight sun—Ben Brown’s amazing photographic and video skills show us just how beautiful the Arctic is. To find out more about legendary Youtuber “Mr Ben Brown”, visit the bio page of travel vlogger and photographer, Ben Brown. Ben Brown shows us an Arctic Ice-breaker experience… […]

Cross a jungle root bridge

It’s the incredible rainfall of Sohra (Cherrapunji), India, that allows living-root bridges to be formed from the surrounding jungle. Eoghan and Jili bring you into the wet north-eastern Indian region. To find out more about Eoghan and Jili, visit the bio page of travel bloggers, Twobirdsbreakingfree. Twobirdsbreakingfree visit Sohra in India, the wettest region in […]