Eoghan and Jili, ‘Twobirdsbreakingfree’

Eoghan and Jili, the vlogging and blogging couple that comprise ‘Twobirdsbreakingfree’, hail from Ireland and India respectively. They describe themselves as “Two ardent shoestring budget adventure travellers and have been travelling throughout Asia continuously for the past few years”.

The couple are quite passionate and philosophical about the importance of being “free to roam, explore and interact with their environment in the way that they are naturally inclined”, stating that “The growth of human beings is inhibited when we do not live in a wholesome environment and one of the most important ingredients for healthy growth is freedom”.

Their travel website has an emphasis on promoting low-budget, low-impact and minimalistic backpacking escapades in offbeat and lesser-known, yet awe-inspiring travel destinations.

But Eoghan and Jili are about more than just travel and regaling their readers and viewers with beguiling tales and imagery of exotic faraway lands. Their mission is to “inspire you to break free from the never-ending toil, tedium and drudgery of the prevailing work-retire-die paradigm in today’s world, and to encourage you to give the nomadic life a try, to at least see if it’s for you”.

On YouTube Eoghan and Jili have playlists of Malaysia, Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam, Thailand, India, Indonesia and Sri Lanka.


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Cross a Jungle Root Bridge


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