Vagabrothers Alex and Marco

Alex and Marko, ‘The Vagabrothers’

Brothers Alex and Marko Ayling are award-winning travel videographers, photographers and writers on a journey of cultural and culinary discovery. They describe themselves as “globally-engaged storytellers on a mission to explore our planet by connecting with other young people and inspiring viewers to do the same”.

In 2013 they won the global travel video contest, ‘The Biggest, Baddest, Bucket List’, won a six-month trip around the world to check off their travel bucket list… and just never stopped traveling. In 2014, they launched their YouTube show, Vagabrothers.

Some of their most popular videos include “31 Insanely Affordable Budget Travel Destinations”, “Travel Tips: Packing Hacks, Tips & Essentials”, “How to survive long flights” and dozen of location guides for places like Helsinki, Amsterdam, Cape Town, Istanbul, Budapest etc.


Youtube categories: Browsing by Continent or Location, Urban Exploration, Outdoor Adventure, Cultural Discovery, Food and Drink, World Festivals, Personal Videos, and a multitude of videos translated into several different languages.


Currently Vlog: Weekly


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